Friday, June 29, 2007

Mostly Winged Things

For some reason this dump truck was parked on the main street by my house. It looked as though the driver was talking with someone from the neighborhood. May I just say it had a rather foul smell, cause it did. Regardless, I had to take a picture because the For Sale sign was cracking me up, and the Mack dog adhered to the front of it was rather humorous as well.

The below photos were all taken at my house...

Click to see larger versions of the pictures.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Finding God

So I was given the assignment to find God. Essentially, to be aware and see what strikes me as His presence and take a picture of it. Well I had taken some photos through the week but I wasn't taking as many as I would like as things have been busy. So I went to my indoor soccer game a little early on Tuesday night and I got my camera out to take some pictures as there is a field next to the building I have my games. I thought maybe I would luck out and the cows would be there. So while taking a picture of some flowers I noticed something flew into my shot. I tried to get another shot off but it was too fast for my none SLR. It felt like I may have gotten some help with my assignment. :)

I babysat Jackson last Saturday and that was fun. We played a lot of push the truck. Well he pushed his truck and I made sound effects and took pictures. You can just see him working things out. He is sharp and figures things out and will ask for help instead of getting upset. Per usual, click the photos to see a larger version. One of these pics has bubbles. :)

Amy and family have arrived and it still doesn't seem real. I suspect once they settle and we get to hang out more it will sink in. I really like being Aunt Elaine and I am so happy that I have my sister so close by. So expect more photos of kids. :)

I will try to post more often.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Per Tam's request :) A crack free post...

The above photo is of John Butler, of the John Butler Trio, playing his harmonica. I took it last week at the Waterloo instore. He did an accoustic set and it was really great. He is a excellent guitarist. Not only does he play slide but he also plays a mean banjo. :) Anyway, I will post more this weekend but Tam had requested I post something new so that when she visited the site she didn't have keep seeing the crack shots. Heh. I am trying to make this post long enough so that you would have to scroll down to see the last post. Somehow I don't think I have enough to say right now as I am muy sleepy. Perhaps another photo?
The posters at the bottom right hand side are what the cover to his new CD, Grand National, looks like. If you haven't heard his music then I suggest you Google him. GOOGLE!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Crack kills or atleast may cause a wreck...

So I had the joy of seeing this guy Saturday afternoon. At first I was like, is he just wearing a Speedo? No, Crazy must be wearing a jockstrap. I was wrong on both accounts. As I turned and attempted to not hit him with my car, as he too was headed for the freeway, I was able to discern that he was wearing neither of the aforementioned underthings. It seemed very likely that he was wearing one of his own creations. May his handy work never be trendy.

Let me just say that I was compelled to take a picture because no matter how I told the story, you just wouldn't have the visual burned into your brain like I did. Why should I be alone? So, tada! I thought I would share and frankly, it is great blog material. I have reduced the size of the photos so that you aren't too traumatized. However, you can click on the pics if you dare. :) I must say, whatever he was wearing, it didn't look comfortable.

This weekend was busy. I saw my friend David in 1776 up at the Georgetown Palace Theatre and he was great! It is a good show and I recommend it as it has humor, history, and one should support your local theatre. Plus David has a really good solo.

Friday night I went to Mitch and Sarah's and they fed me yummy food. While leaving, I saw the two toads that moved into Sarah and Mitch's pond. Pretty cool to not only hear them but to see the throat puffing too.

I know this isn't chronological but that was thrown out with starting with the Saturday photo so there ye go.

Saturday we had our Red Hots soccer BBQ and it was rather fun. We have some great people on our team and it was a fun bunch who made it to the hootenanny. I brought a gift for Toby and Lindsey and Toby loved it. I took some pictures so if you read this before I add them, check back later so you can see Toby in his new pool. :) Robin and Philip were kind enough to host the party and I am thankful they did, as I think everyone had a really good time.

We talked about uni-sex bathrooms, celebrity sitings, deer repellent vegetation, toilet weight limits and the list goes on. There was a lot of laughing and I am all for that!

I heard from my friend who took her son on a surprise graduation gift to New York. What a cool mom!! Anyway, I owe her an email but it was nice to hear that they are having a good time. I can't wait to hear the stories.

I know that there is more but I need to go to bed. So I will leave you with a cliff hanger so you will come back to see how my Library story ends. I checked out 15 Cds from the Library, which were due yesterday. I spent at least two hours searching for said discs. I only know where one is as I have been listening to it in my car. The only two things I have come up with were that I put them in my soccer bag so that I would stop on the way home after a game to return them and that they were lifted while I was playing. Or, I have them at work, which I do not remember leaving them anywhere. I have once place to look. Dear lord I hope I do not have to replace 14 Cds. So, if you have any idea what I may have done with them, let me know. :) And before you start posting that Maevis ate them, she did not. The End