Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My latest lesson from indoor soccer...

Perhaps I should stop stopping the ball with my face. The upper palate and gums of my mouth have been hurting all day from the ball that knocked me on my ass last night. I barely saw the ball before I discovered I was laying on the ground. Last night, as I laid there on the turf taking a mental inventory, like - can I still see and is there blood, I heard one of my team mates let me know that I would have to recover on the field as we had no subs. Heh :)

Indoor soccer is played at a much faster pace than outdoor and the field is smaller and the odds of getting beamed by a ball are much much higher. I have experienced this a few times since I have been playing indoor.

Yesterday was a rough game, and I don't particularly like those types of games. I want to be able to play for a long time to come and rough games can shorten any ones ability to play soccer, let alone exercise. I had one player apologize for hitting me in the boob and I would had given some humorous rejoinder if she hadn't simultaneously whacked the crap out of my wrist. I was busy mentally cussing so I couldn't respond right away. I mean, it was humorously odd to be running next to someone while they apologize for essentially punching you in the boob.

Ultimately, we had fun and we worked hard as a team. I was thankful for the exercise and that I wasn't too hurt. I will be taking some Ibuprofen before I go to bed. :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cats, dogs, turkeys, flying monkeys, Oh My!

So it has almost been a month since my last blog entry and I thought I better get a crackin'. What have I been up to? I am sure a lot of this will be out of chronological order but oh well.

I took more photos of the cast of Cats and Cliff made posters for all of his cast members. I thought that was very thoughtful of him. I know the Srays have a wall of pictures from their shows and I would want the same if I had been in a show. Anyway, it was good practice for me and I found it helpful that the cast was made up of very talented, friendly people who aren't shy in front of a camera. :)

I do not know if you can get an idea of how high the jump to the right is. If you look at the door to the right you will see where the knob is. The guy can jump! It took us a few tries as I was using a point and shoot which can be rather slow. I am learning. :)

I have a ton of photos of the cast and it is hard to choose what/who to post. I will leave it with these for now.

I had the chance to see Hairspray. It was a last minute thing and it went off without a hitch. If I had had more time to think about it I may not have done it. Fortunately, the friend I invited to go with me drove and had attended school in Waco, so there was no problem reaching our destination. Had I gone by my lonesome it is highly likely that I would have gotten lost. There was one actress in the show that was frigging brilliant. She was soooo very funny, had prefect timing and made the show for me. Marsha had told me to keep my eye out for her as she had seen her in the same role last year. The actress is great!

Um, what else. I went to Brackettville for Thanksgiving. My dad and I drove there together and it was fun. That is where my older brother and his girlfriend live. It was the first time I had been out there. Next time I will go when it is warmer weather so I can get the tour, as it were and take more pictures. I ended up taking a lot of pictures of their dogs, who are all kinds of sweet. I had my dad take a picture of me with my aunt and my brother's girlfriend as otherwise I wouldn't be in any of the holiday photos. I would like to be in some of the pictures too and I am trying to get him to start taking pictures again. He is a great photographer.


Rue and Fran are both very sweet girls!

Anyway, Cid, my brother, hosted Thanksgiving as my mother is in Germany for work and he smoked two hams and two turkeys. There was an INSANE amount of food. The drive out was neat as we saw a whole bunch of cotton less cotton farms. Actually there was some cotton remnant's on the barbed wire fences. I would like to make that drive when the cotton fields are ripe for picking, as it were. I want to take some surreal pictures with floating tufts of cotton. I am pretty sure I saw an eagle but it didn't register until later otherwise I would have tried to convince my dad to pull over. That wouldn't have lasted long though as we may have been shot by hunters, as there were a lot around. On the way back to San Antonio we stopped in Uvalde and went to an Army Surplus store. It was pretty fun. I tried to convenience my dad to buy a flight suit for next Halloween. If I slim down a bit maybe I'll get one for Halloween. Pretty easy costume. They also had some parachutes, which I keep forgetting to tell Amy. She was looking for one for one of the kids birthdays. We used to play with them at school and it remember it being rather neat. So if Amy ever finds time to read this she will now have a source other than eBay. :)

Tin Man - that SciFi movie extravaganza was rather crappy. The script could have been so much more imaginative. Also, Zooey Deschanel, who played DG - a descendant of Dorthy, well she was really bad. I have seen her in quite a few movies and she was great so I have to attribute it to the director, who seems to have wanted her to keep her eyes wide for the innocent look. Hard to act when keeping your eyes wide. Honestly I do not know what the cause was, I am sure there were a few factors but the resulting performance was lacking. There were three parts to the series and a part was shown each night, for three consecutive nights. Each part was two hours long and it got progressively crappier each night. Although, not intentionally humorous, there were the "monkeys" and I have to tell you where they flew from. The bosom of the sorceress (witch). She had tattoos on her that would fly off of her chest and morph into CGI flying monkeys (bat like monkeys?). The smirk on David's face when this would happen was hysterical. I called him tonight to tell him that I didn't quite know what to do as none of the shows on TV tonight had flying boob monkeys. Some of the most dead on and funny reviews I have read in a while can be read here. Just the commentary on the monkeys brought tears to my eyes.,CST-FTR-elf30.article
If you aren't interested in actually reading the reviews here are some snippets...

"Plus, no guy will be blamed for wanting to get comfy with the Wicked Witch. There's a change for you. Replacing the green skin and cackle is a dewy thing with a sultry voice. With a bit of dramatic heaving, the tattoos on her lush bosom transform into monkey bats and launch into the skies. Around the country, nerd boys will be reconsidering what their ideal unattainable woman looks like."
"On the upside, the special effects are, well, very special and very good and must have cost a bundle. Just to build Azkadelia's S&M Cinderella outfits and shooting boobs must have broken the bank."

Today Elizabeth turned two!!! She is such a sweet girl. She had a Diego cake and all of the kids enjoyed the sugary concoction. I took video of the event and while videoing Luke broke into a hilarious dance of jubilation when his father said is was time for cake. I told Amy I want a copy. We need to send a copy to Grandma and our Aunt, I bet they will love it!

Last weekend my dad was in town and my sister, dad and my sister's two oldest and I went to the movies. We saw Enchanted. The lead actress and the prince were excellent. The movie was fun and although I thought it was a little slow at times and could of had more humor, I realize that I am not the main target for Disney. I like the quick wit in Shrek. Anyway, we all had fun at the movie! Spoiler..........................................................................................................................................................
I was disappointed that Idina Menzel didn't sing. I some how figured she wasn't going to but I really had hoped that she would. Hello, musical and she has chops!
End of Spoiler
One of my favorite people came into town last weekend and I was able to meet up with him last minute on Saturday night. We met at Whole Foods and then hung out at Starbucks for about two hours. I like talking with him as I can be open and talk about anything. Also, I like talking about spirituality, what we have been doing with our lives and things in general. He is a very positive person and I appreciate that in my life. Shawn is one of those people in my life that I can see once a year and have a great heart to heart. No bullshit, just laughter, kindness, clarity and friendship.

I need to be taking more photos so I thought I would put it in make it so. :)

Today I let David know that I bought a lotto ticket for today and Friday so I am pretty much covered. In which he replied "Sweet". He gets it. It is great to have a friend who gets your humor. Of course he then said I could adopt 100 cats. Then he suggested 200 Maevis'. So if I do win, any amount, I do not think I will ask David how I should spend it. Plus, I have plans for funding my Vespa gang.

As a side note I only edited the black and white photo so I know they could use some tweaking but then I wouldn't get to posting.

One last photo to help me sign off. :) Some of my favorite subjects...