Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jesus Christ Super Star...

is currently showing at The Georgetown Palace Theatre. They have done a great job and the cast and crew are really talented!! That and they are very tolerant of my camera. :) I call the above Jesus in Blue Jeans/Etheral Jesus. :) I like playing with the slow sync flash. Anyway, I have really enjoyed practing my photography and the dancing is something I like to get good shots of. (I know I ended with of, I will fix it later or just ignore it.) :)

One of my favorites to shoot is the Herod scene. :) Although it has been a challenge with the equipment I have etc and I am still learning. But the group is very talented and brave/very comfortable with their bodies. I am curious to see what the fine folks Georgetown think. Go see it. The singing in the show is awesome and I haven't seen a Jesus look so much like Jesus. :)
If you haven't seen the show most of it is in period clothing but there are some scenes with modern clothing. Above is a picture of my friend Cliff who plays Judas.
I was able to cast my vote early. I noticed the early voting sign at the local Rec center and thought I might as well as get there will I have time. This is your friendly reminder that if you haven't voted yet, don't forget to do so!
I will try to blog more this weekend.