Thursday, March 13, 2008

GQ Boy...

So, I met the Sray's earlier this evening at a local park. Jackson and I played while I took some pictures. He is a fast moving boy! Then the lot of us went and had a substandard dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Jackson was a big boy and sat next to me at the restaurant. Well, he stood for quite a while. The patrons at the table next to us were impressed with his ability to feed himself so well, especially while standing. :) He didn't use a high chair or anything!

I have been sick since last Friday and I am now on antibiotics and steroids. I was proactive and went to the doctor earlier in the week, as quite a few people around me have been miserably sick. So far I am doing better. Yay!

I took a few more pics last weekend and the Herod bunch was nice to pose for me in the shed, before going on to do their thing. I really enjoy taking pictures of people who aren't shy.

So the other day my desktop decided to stop connecting to the Internet. Lovely. I would say it was the router but my wireless is working. I am going to attempt to fix it and then probably start looking at laptops as a replacement. :) Too bad they aren't free. I am gonna see if I can at least wait until I get my government check in May. :) Laptop suggestions would rock. :)