Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I can take a message...

I tend to get all kinds of calls to my house phone and most times it is a stranger trying to speak with Elaine or the man of the house regarding a "thank you". They want to thank me alright and take my money. I have learned that if I do not recognize the voice then my standard reply is that I can take a message. More often than not, the caller gets off the phone as fast as they can or they proceed to ask for the man of the house. I realize that at some point in history this was probably proper etiquette but frankly it is an archaic request and some days it just pisses me off. Other days, I wish Simon could meow on command, as he is the man of the house. Mostly, I find the offer to take a message allows me to circumvent an out right lie and it isn't like I haven't give them the option to leave a message.

So the other day someone called my house phone and asked to speak with Elaine and I dutifully offered to take a message. She asked again, and I said I could take a message. For some reason it wasn't frustrating me, perhaps because she wasn't being rude/pushy and frankly I just lucked out. By the forth request I could hear my sister in the back ground "saying that is her, she is home". I promptly replied to the lady on the line that my sister wasn't going to get any money from me. :) The phone was then handed to my sister. Turns out that my sister had misplaced her phone and didn't want to leave the store parking lot to have to turn around if it wasn't somewhere in the car/on her person. It was rather funny. Fortunately, the lady understood my technique for answering my phone. So I proceeded to call Amy's cell phone. When the phone was located it was with the help of Luke, who started yelling when it started to ring. He was able to locate it as it was under his hiney. Heh.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Let me see your tooth...

Yesterday I went to visit my sister and we hung out and organized her craft supplies. I had fun hanging out and while I was there one of the neighbor kids lost her front tooth. It was pretty cool and she was happy t0 have something to exchange with the tooth fairy. I heard her talk about it while she was on the phone sharing the exciting news with her father.

So, right before the below video started, everyone was showing me their teeth. Some had brand new holes in their smiles and some are about to add another, as one of my nieces has a veeeeeeeeeeery loose front tooth. :) Luke was the last to show me his "tooth" and also the most interactive. :) The upload isn't the best quality but you get the idea.

I had a really good weekend and I will post a bit more later but I need to eat and I want to watch a bit of my football team's game. Any guesses as to who I am rooting for? In reality, I also have chores to get cracking on and I have quite a few things I would like to read. :)


Monday, January 7, 2008

Slacken Napper

I spent a chunk of time working in my backyard Saturday. Simon hung out with me and on more then one occasion I had to remind him not to eat grass. Well, I like to listen to music and I had my stereo setup to play out the open windows of my house. So while Simon and I were in the yard Maevis decided to get on the forbidden chair and pass out. I came inside for water and when I saw her on the chair I grabbed my camera. I love the fact that the song that was playing on the radio seems to fit the video. :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Here is to the New Year!

New Years Eve was fun! I was originally going to go to a house party but then I re-evaluated and since I do not drink and that was probably the theme, I decided to just hang at home. Then the Sray's mentioned that they might be up for something. That turned out to be a lot of fun as we made dinner, had a yummy dessert, played some Wii and then cards (Flux). I had never played a Wii before and I watched Jen play a few games and then Cliff and David bowled. I was going to try the bowling but then I discovered that there was boxing. David and I went a few rounds and it was hilarious. I had to strip a layer as I was starting to sweat and then I had to stand outside for a bit to cool down once we were done. It was pretty funny, I was trying to side kick David as he was able to do side punches but for some reason it wasn't working for me. Oh, my side kicks weren't via the game console but my actual foot. I had to try something different. :)

I think David and I entertained those who were watching. It was a nice little workout. My biceps hurt the next day. I remember shifting gears and trying to think as to why my arms hurt. :) I think that might be something that I would do for 20 minutes a day to get a little cardio. Although, I suspect it would be more fun playing someone then the machine. I would hate to spend all that money and lose interest. The card game was also fun as well as everyone played and it had some funny results. So New Years Eve was my kind of gathering. It was so successful that we are going to try to do it again this weekend before the Butler folk get too busy with shows.

I have been using my fireplace and I love it. Especially with the cold weather. Maevis is currently laying on a pillow in front of the fireplace. I am making sure the two combustibles are safe. Whereas Simon is sitting on my belly as I type. Such a helper. :)

Over the holidays I went to a few movies and thought I would share some thoughts on them. SPOILERS.............The first one, Walk Hard, I saw with Sarah and Mitch and it was better than I thought. It is pretty much a Spoof of Walk the Line. When I initially saw the commercial I wasn't too impressed. However, the acting is really good and the music is too. There are a few jokes that run throughout the movie that are pretty funny. Also, male frontal nudity is just frigging hilarious. I know it made people uncomfortable and that made it even funnier. If you can handle some cheese and know that it is a spoof, I think you may like it. If you are easily offended I do not recommend it. Anyway, if you have seen it I would be curious to know what you think. It isn't amazing but it is funny.

I saw Sweeney Todd with Sarah and I found that I liked the version I saw on PBS better. The opening of the movie had me worried as Johnny's voice was rather rough but that was done on purpose. The singing is actually pretty good. I didn't expect Helena Bonham Carter to have an amazing singing voice so I didn't expect much and she did fine. Overall, the singing was fine but had there been some different casting it could have been better. Really though, I didn't take issue with the singing. Where the movie failed was in the lack of expressing the humor. There is one moment when Helen gets the point across but that is how a majority of the movie should have been, not just a moment.

I recommend the 2001 version that I saw on PBS, "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street in Concert" it will give you an idea of what the movie could have been. Not the same type of singing style but you can see what I mean about the humor etc. Johnny Depp is a great actor, yes, but the movie should have focused less on how much blood could shoot about and focused more on the acting and singing. It was missing a level of humor and cleverness that I know could have been there. The brilliance of Sweeney Todd is that, although it is a very dark story, there is humor laced throughout, this was barely evident in the movie.

On a side note, the actor (Jamie Campbell Bower) who played Anthony Hope, Johanna's love interest, looks a lot like Garrett Pounds. :) I mentioned that to someone else and they agreed. I think it was Cliff or Jen. Anyway, that wraps up Sweeney Todd.

I saw Juno with Marsha and I really, really liked it. The dialogue is great but made amazing by the delivery by the cast, particularly Ellen Page, who plays Juno. Allison Janney is in the movie as well as other actors that I really like. They have an innate since of timing and delivery. Anyway, it is a quirky movie with odd dialogue and interesting characters who on a whole are ultimately kind, which I appreciate.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets, well I watched that with a bunch of strangers. :) I was surprised at how full the theatre was but it was the holidays. :) That and the fact that it is rather wholesome-ish compared to most of what is out there. I rather enjoyed it and found it to be better than the first one. The actor (Justin Bartha) who plays Riley the sidekick, is very humorous and adds a lot to the movie. It was also Baby Day at the Drafthouse and they all behaved rather well.
.................................................................. SPOILERS OVER ..............................................

I am waiting on getting my camera until after I find out if my contract at work is going to be renewed. I should find that out by the end of the month, if not, then in Feb..

What else can I tell ya? Heh, I went to town on the volunteer trees in my backyard. I need to get the chain back on the chainsaw so I can cut down one more tree but I got a lot done. So I have a lot of tree parts that need to be bagged up - feel free to come over and help out! I need to do a lot of work everywhere but I am getting there.

I thought of somethings that were funny that I should post but that usually happens when I am trying to go to sleep so of course, I forgot what those thoughts were. :) I will try to remember.

Um, Amy's girls bought me a pink squirrel for a Christmas present. I suspect it has to do with the fact that they knew I was bitten by one when I was little and then there is the influence of their mother. :)

I have a book on lighting on its way which I cannot wait to crack open and I am probably on my way to hang out at Barnes and Noble tomorrow as there are some magazines and books I am interested in. Magazines on decorating etc so I can get some ideas for my place and there are some various books I am interested in. It is my understanding that tomorrow it to get in the mid 70s, that is wild! YAAAAAAY!

I have been watching the British Robin Hood series via the magic of Netflix. The Sray's recommended it and I am watching disc two right now. What I have surmised is that it has a good cast and amazingly low budget. :)

I have been spending time with friends and family and it has been good.

I hope everyone had enjoyable holidays and that this year is truly a good one.