Saturday, October 27, 2007

Strangely Silent Fridge - DEFY MURPHY!

As of late, my refrigerator has been a bit noisy. This evening when I went to pour myself some club soda - decadent, I know - I noticed that the contents were beginning to freeze. I then adjusted the level on the fridge thinking maybe I accidentally knocked the gauge, knowing full well that I probably didn't. A few minutes ago I opened it up to see if it is losing its cooling ability but I cannot tell.

I wonder if the previous noises were its last gasps? I am hoping such is not the case. However, something is going on as that was my third bottle of Club Soda I have opened this week and the first to have ice in it. Now, in the kitchen - utter silence. Don don dooon. Since I went grocery shopping just a few days ago, Murphy's would dictate my fridge's death. I hope that both the fridge and I defy Murphy. Dorky news? Yes, but thought I would share.

Yard Mange

Heh. In a previous post I mentioned the attempt to save some of the bugs in my backyard. While trying to spare the bugs in my yard from the swift blades of my lawn mower I have created a rather mangie looking yard. So I will have to finish up the backyard. I mean, if someone were to look at it they would be hard pressed to explain the thinking behind it all.

Last night I went to a fundraiser event which had the theme of Casino Night. Marsha went with me and we had dinner, dessert, drinks and did some gambling. There was also a silent auction. You also received chips to gamble with and at the end of the night you could cash your chips/winnings in for tickets. You would then drop your ticket into the bag in front of the item you wanted to be in a drawing for. There was a fish tank, a tool set, VCR recorder thingie, A GPS unit, Rhino bed liner, and a few other items. Marsha tried for the GPS unit and and I put most of the tickets into the bed liner bag, and a few into the GPS bag. The GPS bag was very full with tickets and I thought the odds were better for the bed liner. We had a lot of tickets because the first of two tables we played had a very generous dealer. :) There was also a man who would walk up and take high dollar chips from our dealer and hand them out. :) When I was at the second table some one gave me $1,000 worth of chips for a water. LOL

Also, my friend Stacy, who gave me the ticket for the event was there with her husband. I was trying to help Mitch, Stacy's husband, win the bed lining for his truck and the odds were really good as most people put their tickets in for the GPS unit. Guess what? We didn't win jack. :) We weren't surprised but we dared to dream. Regardless, I had a while lot of fun hanging out with friends while working on my math skills. Anyway, we had fun! We didn't even make it to the Texas Hold 'Em tables because we were having so much fun at the Black jack tables.

Today I slept in and then hung out with Simon. He was happily laying on one of my pillows, purring. Later I met my friend Mary at Guerros on SoCo and we noshed while we conversed about life. We then perused the stores. We even got to check out the new candy store, which had some funny items, along with things you would expect. I also saw the cupcake airstream that I want to try out some time. They sell cupcakes and only cupcakes - yum! There was a line and if I hadn't been so full from lunch I was seriously considering the Red Velvet - which was a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing on top. I think it is clever and I really hope they stay in business.

The weather was great today and I am glad I got to enjoy some time out in it. Tonight I hope to do some reading and chill out.


Thursday, October 25, 2007


I lost a friend yesterday. Quite a lot of people lost a friend yesterday. Emmett Miller was a sweet kind man that used to sit around the corner from me at work. We had many a great discussion about music, food and life. It is rare for me to find someone as in to music as me so when I discovered that he too was an audiophile, I knew I had a unique friend. Emmett was older than me so his music collect was more of the vinyl variety. I suspect he also had a large CD collection. :)

Emmett always had a smile and when he was upset he still had kindness about him. He was the kind of person that would go out of his way to help others. I remember when he helped a co-worker out he didn't really even know and drove her to and from work for longer than he should have. He spoke of his mother often and with affection. Not too long ago we chatted about his mother being on the cover of The Chronicle. For Christmas I got him a bottle of wine, which he refused to open because he liked the way the bottle looked. And for someone who would often have me help him with a computer issue, he was very knowledgeable on how to sell things on eBay. We seemed to appreciate each others' quirks. I loved him. He was a kind person who had a great laugh and I will miss hearing him call me Shug.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last Sunday I went to see Rilo Kiley and I had a great time. I was surprised to see so many people there let alone that so many people new the words to the most of the songs. It was a beautiful night and they gave an awesome performance. Initially, I was going to skip it as I was rather exhausted from my soccer game but a few of my friends said that I should go and so I did! :) You can see some of their videos here

Last weekend I saw The Jane Austen Book Club and really enjoyed it. It was a fun chick flick with an actual bit of discussion regarding Jane Austen's work.

Last night I mowed part of the lawn - the tall junglie part. While mowing, I saw all kinds of critters scrambling as I literally mowed through their forest. So being the dork I am, I slowed down the mower so that they could scramble. Why cause carnage when it isn't needed? Plus I like to take pictures of all of the critters. They won't hang out if well... if they are dead or their habitat is gone. Go figure. Anyway, while mowing I was visualizing movies like A Bugs Life and I was the giant with the killing machine, while all the cute nice bugs screamed while they fled. It was humorous and wrong at the same time. So I decided I wasn't going to mow the whole yard so that the bugs would have somewhere to hang out, plus I was running out of day light.

I went to the opening night of Cats at The Georgetown Palace Theatre and they did a great job. If you like musicals you should go. I was so impressed how well the community theatre pulled of the show. Great dancing and just a good job overall.

Monday night I went out with the Sray's, as it was pre-chemo night, and we ate well at the Macaroni Grill. It was nice. Part of the time Marsha and I talked about books and I enjoyed that as I haven't had that type of discussion in a while. It reminded me that I need to do more reading and so I need to make a list. I already have something on its way from Amazon but it is non fiction. I would like to read more fiction and I am going to ask Marsha to email me some of the titles we discussed because I cannot remember them. [Marsha email me some titles, please :) ]

Tuesday night I hung out with Marsha and her mom as it was chemo night. Marsha had chemo that morning and it was a rough day. She was very nauseous and weak. Marsha commented that it was worse than morning sickness and at least with morning sickness, at the end you get a beautiful baby. Who could argue with that? I am glad we were able to hang out as I cannot fathom having to go through that alone. Not that I was much help but sometimes I think it can be a little less miserable if you have someone there with you. Marsha's mom was there too and we just talked a bit, watched tv and hung out. Marsha's mom is great and they have such a good relationship.

Anyway, I know I haven't posted in a while. I have just been busy and obviously need to be better about posting.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I finally did it...

Last Sunday after the mid-day heat soccer game I spent some quality time trying to get the humidity/sweat induced knots out of my hair. I figured it was time to measure my hair again and see if I had the 10 inches for Locks of Love. Well, have the 10 inches and still have enough hair for a ponytail and for me to be happy with the length. So Friday I went in and had my hair chopped. Cost Cutters is doing a hair drive for Locks of Love and they will cut, shampoo and blow dry your hair for free if you are donating your hair. I hadn't had that done in a while. It was nice and I was in a happy massaged head place. The above picture is of 10 inch ponytails. Instead of trying to saw through one big ponytail the lady wisely sectioned my hair off. Anyway, I am happy with my haircut and that I was able to donate my hair. I was too distracted and forgot to take an after photo. I will see what I can do.

Jackson, David and I had dinner at Cafe Java Friday night. It was fun and the ladies at the diner all loved Jackson. :) Marsha stayed home as the after effects of her chemo are still in effect - evil bone pain. Jackson more than once mentioned that mama wasn't coming. He had a good time though and was pleased that there were chips with his nuggets. Um, he also kept stealing noodles from my plate. :) I like the way he says noodles.

I spent this weekend taking lots of pictures. Starting with an outing Friday night Jackson, then with my sister's family, then Saturday I took pictures at Allison and Andy's wedding and then Saturday late afternoon I went and attempted to take more low lighting photos of the Cats Rehearsal. I have much to learn about lighting.

The picture to the right is of the Johnson clan looking at/ordering gelato. :)

I will try to edit some photos, maybe tonight, so I can post some of what I took this weekend.

I have been rather busy, last week I had a line break in my front yard and that was a bit sucky but my neighbors were very helpful and Roto Rooter was quick to show up and finish the job.