Friday, July 18, 2008

:))))))))))))))))))) Dr. Horrible

I love Neil Patrick Harris as he is a very funny and talented man. I also love cheesy and clever musicals. Also, if you are a Sci-Fi geek you should recognize Dr. Horrible's nemesis. I hope you enjoy this gloriously geeky and fun Sing-Along Blog. I was happy to have discovered it via a music blog. :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sparklers and such...

On July 4th, I was invited to cavort with some friends. My favorite picture is of Dave with his sparklers. The other fiery picture is of cavorting :) It was a nice relaxing time and I have to remember to thank the hosts again!!!!

Here is the majestic Maevis :) Not a post without a cat picture. :)

In April, I went to Kerbey Lane, on Kerbey Lane, and while eating I looked up and on the wall they had some new artwork. A week later I was there again and I looked up at the artwork and did a double take. I tried to remember if the face had been there before. It took a while for me to figure out what the extra part was but after two waitresses and I discussed it long enough, I concluded that it wasn't a child's crayon work, but an adult had consciously decided to go up to the chalk board, grab the chalk and then defaced the artwork. Regardless of my opinion of the artwork, it really bothered me that someone would deface some one's work. Click on the picture to see the added drawing.

I participated in another Austin Photography Meet-up and this time we did Light Painting. It was fun but I have a lot more to learn. I hope to plan a group outing to do some more elaborate Light Painting. Get a group together to go eat and then go forth and paint. :) I already have a few people ready to paint!

I went to the HalfPrice Bookstore tonight (7/14, I started this post a couple days ago) and grabbed a new book. Going to try out a new mystery writer that one of the nice employees suggested. :) I'll let you know if it is a hit. I like reading Patricia Cornwell but she doesn't churn them out fast enough :) and her last three books or so seemed odd. Like she lost her focus or who her characters are. Anyway, I would like to find a few more authors that I like and hopefully they have a couple books already out.

Last Friday I met up with my friend Mary and we had dinner at Mother's and then went and saw some improv at the Coldtowne Theatre. It was a rather fun evening. It is a tiny theatre, and seems very upstart. I hope that they have success as they have some really talented people. :) Next time I plan on trying one of the restaurants across the street from Mother's, one has coffee and gellato. Yum!

I am thinking about taking a vacation and that is about as far as I have gotten. I don't even have a destination although I am leaning towards going back to LA as it makes a nice long weekend. Hawaii keeps popping in my head but I have read about how expensive it is right now, the groceries alone. If I really had the time off and money I like to pretend that I would go to New Zealand. I think I might look at New York again. Next week I hope to enroll in some photography classes. If the classes happen then I am about to get really busy doing something I love. I look forward to it.