Sunday, May 4, 2008

Symphonic Led Zeppelin

So last night I had the chance to go see a show at the new Long Center. Cobi got some comp tickets that ended up being amazing - the second row. So we were sitting to the right of the stage in these wonderful seats. The show starts and there was the band and a full symphony playing Led Zeppelin. Now for some reason I didn't put together that there would be a singer. So when the singer started to walk out onto the stage I was mentally chanting, "please be good...don't suck". Zeppelin songs are not easy to sing, you have to be an amazing singer to really pull it off. We lucked out last night. The singer was awesome!!!

So we are sitting in our awesome seats and the show starts and this young twenty something sitting right behind me was rather excited and expressed it by yelling "Rock and Roll" etc.. Which was cracking me up because well, there was a whole symphony. So he also started clapping out of time but he would only clap about four times in a row and then stop. Then the top of the lungs wooos would start. Directed to the back of my head. That and he would sing, poorly, even during a quiet solo. We were feet from the actual singer so it was pretty bad. This young man was sitting next to his dad and his mother and her friend were sitting behind him so it wasn't like they were oblivious to his actions. At first it was a bit funny but progressively became annoying. I found myself leaning forward to try to distance myself.

Well he left for a bit and I could smell the alcohol upon his return. Cobi and I moved to the center part of the second row, which was empty, taking a new friend we had met with us. I was tired of the yahoos behind us. So after the intermission I looked over to our old seats and the guy who had been so loud and animated earlier was passed out. Geez. Later his parents had to help him walk when they left.

Regardless of the loud drunk behind us, the show itself was great!!! Cobi and I met Chris who sat with us and we all had fun by watching the show - the guitarists were awesome. We were also highly amused by the craziess who had moved up to the front to rock out and generally make sure everyone else could see them. When the show was over we met Chris' friends Larry and Allison. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. So it was neat to meet new people and hit it off so well.

Hmmmmm. What else. I had some good conversations this weekend with various friends and it is awesome to be able to have honest connections with people. To learn that you aren't alone and sharing experiences.

I need to vote this week so that I can help ACC be in the Round Rock area and that I can take classes for a reduced price. :)

I have been taking pictures of a lizard in my backyard. I am not sure if it is the same one but I like to pretend it is. :) It hangs out on the same part of the trellis with the roses. He is pretty cool!