Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quit licking the speakers!

Maevis has mastered the art of waking me up. I have accepted that I have enabled this behavior and many days it doesn't last long. However, some early mornings it is an epic battle. There are numerous things that she does but the thing that just drives me up the wall and out of bed is the sandpaper sound of her licking my computer speakers. So the other day we tried something new, which had to be repeated this morning. I grab the pain in the butt fur ball and put her on the back porch. I just leave her out for just a few minutes as she is a bit scared. So far it has worked. She stopped licking the speaker and let me sleep the rest of the morning with out interruption.

I went to Art City Austin today and saw some neat artwork. Overall, the work was rather good. One artist in particular I have come to recognize from sight. I have an appreciation for Jay Long's work. If I ever have a chunk of change that I can spend on art I would like to get one of his pieces. He is based out of Austin and I like the color/tones he uses as well as the mediums he chooses to work with. Here is a link to a piece of his work I really like...

Music I am listening to right now would be new albums by Steve Earle, Carolyn Wonderland, and also Michael Franti's Yell Fire, which is great.

It looks like I will have to go to New York again for work next month. I wish I had time to go into downtown New York. Maybe something will work out.

The above is a picture of Simon, not the speaker licker.

This weekend was nice and filled with lots of things. Saturday I participated in the SafePlace walk with my parents and Sarah and then we went and had lunch at Kerbey Lane. It was yummy. I then went to Whole Foods for some gelato, Waterloo Records where I got a new CD, some free CDs and a cupcake with lip balm in it. :) Theeeeen I went to the Half Price bookstore up near my house, met some friends for dinner and thennnnnnnnnn went home and mowed the lawn. Later that night I watched Eastern Promises, which really wasn't very good and it could have been awesome. So Saturday was a full day.

This puppy had it's ears trimmed and I wished his owners hadn't had that done to him. He was very sweet and was happy to be at the walk.

Today I slept in a bit, had breakfast/lunch with Cobi, and then I headed downtown to the Art City Austin and was there for a couple hours. I then went home for a bit, had a photo shoot with Simon and then headed to return a chainsaw I borrowed and ended up playing cars, collect the acorns and mow the lawn with Jackson. :)

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